Carl Michael Ziehrer
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Carl Michael Ziehrer

Before 1870 Ziehrer already had a civil orchestra, afterwards he became a military bandleader. In 1873, at the time of the Viennese World Fair, Ziehrer had a civil Orchestra again and he took over the conduction of a military ensemble. He finally made the breakthrough by conducting the Viennese military band, the "Hoch- und Deutschmeister" (1885 - 1893).

Ziehrer had become the favourite of the Viennese audience and with the Viennese music and his "Deutschmeister" band (of course not the real ones but with a civil band dressed in uniforms), he also "conquered" the United States of America on the occasion of the world fair of 1893 in Chicago.

This marvellous success in America showed the way for Ziehrer. Dismissed as the conductor of military orchestras (because he had improperly exceeded his holidays in America) he decided to pass to act as a composer and conductor like Johann Strauss. Before the end of the century he became the most famous composer of the Viennese operettas, waltzes and Austrian military marches.

At last Ziehrer was appointed as "Hofballmusikdirektor" by the emperor Franz Josef I.