Carl Michael Ziehrer
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The Carl Michael Ziehrer-Foundation

Prof. Mag. Hans SchadenbauerProf. Karl GrellDr. Werner Mäntler

The Carl Michael Ziehrer-Foundation was founded in 1935 with the intention of sponsoring needy musicians and composers and of promoting Ziehrer´s music.

The members of the board of trustees are: Dr. Werner Mäntler (l), Prof. Karl Grell (m) and Prof. Mag. Hans Schadenbauer (r).

The Carl Michael Ziehrer Musik, Produktionsges.m.b.H. continiously produces and distributes sound carriers to create an archive-production of Ziehrer´s oevre.

When Carl Michael Ziehrer died on November 14th in 1922 at his home in 1030 Vienna, Erdbergstraße 1, Vienna had lost the last "Hofballmusikdirektor", the last King of Waltz. He finished his life in poverty after having lost his whole fortune in the First World War. His music seemed to be forgotten after the monarchy collapsed.

Ziehrer, however, firmly believed in his music and was sure that future generations would take pleasure in his music again - a vision which became really true.